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Share your files across a network irrespective of the client operating system
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Q-Share is intended to solve the problem of sharing files across a network in which machines use different operating systems, as in the case of Windows and Linux. The tool has a straightforward interface, which makes it very easy to use, even for novices. However, I regret saying that it comes without any kind of help documentation, so you will probably need to guess a little to know what the program is about.

The program establishes point-to-point connections, meaning that you do not need to run a server. Once it has started, the tool can detect instances running on other machines and all you need to do is select the desired machine name. Then, you can easily browse the target shared folders on your web browser or through an FTP browser, just as you do with any other FTP site. Likewise, it is possible to configure a list of shared folders on your computers. However, it is not allowed to use specific sharing conditions for your folders, for example, restricting them a given user.

Q-Share comes with basic protection against intruders. In this respect, you can set it to allow anonymous access, with the possibility to forbid any modification to the shared data. Also, if you want to, you can restrict access with user name and password. In both cases, it is allowed to make hidden files invisible to the remote user.

All in all, Q-Share has the main advantage of being based on Qt, which means that it inherits the possibility of running irrespective of the base operating system. Moreover, the program is quite light and straightforward. Yet, it may lack some of the features that you can find in more sophisticated software.

Pedro Castro
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  • Share files on machines running different operating systems
  • Basic access protection
  • Easy-to-use


  • No accompanying help documentation
  • No individual folder sharing conditions allowed
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